The Wifi Weekly 3/19/15

Weekly Tech Integration Ideas For Teachers at the T!

Collaborative Board Space!

Stoodle for Number Talks and Much More!

Stoodle is a free online collaborative whiteboard tool that requires no sign-up to use. Give your students a space to draw, type, and chat collaboratively simply by sharing a link. They can even import a photo or file and highlight, draw, or type over it. Stoodle works on iPads and allows free-hand drawing.

Just share your link with your kids and they have access to the board!

You could post a number talk starter and ask kids to contribute to the board from their device!

You could use this as a brainstorming board for writing or for research projects as well! The possibilities are endless!

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Wixie For Math Assessments!

First Grade is Rocking the Wixie Math Assessments!

We know we can create stories and projects for Social Studies and Science with Wixie, but did you know that Wixie is fantastic for Math!?

You can have students share their thoughts/strategies to solve a math problem(or number talk), or you can even have them complete a formative assessment on Wixie.

Below is an example of an assessment 1st grade is using with Wixie.

If you use WIXIE and NOT PIXIE.. it saves the work automatically for your kids and you can go in from the teacher side to check their work!

Need help getting rolling??? Call Craddock!

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For Your Reading Pleasure

Rigorous Applied Learning

I couldn't resist sharing this article and infographic that I recently found on Mind/Shift. Mind/Shift is an incredible blog from public radio and television that offers inspirational and thought-provoking articles on the future of education. In Steps to Create the Conditions for Deep, Rigorous, Applied Learning I find a synopsis of so many things that our school and district believe in and stand for. Culture, collaboration, rigor, the 4 Cs, real-life learning, and college and career's all here!
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Just Cause it's Funny....

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