Laurentian University

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About the University..

Population: 9,400

Campus Overview: Laurentian has two campuses one in Sudbury and the other in Barrie. With 8 resident buildings.

Tuition and Costs: Tuition ranges from $5,751 to $7,025. However, for international students tuition ranges from $17,603 to $23,187.

Campus Life and Residence: Laurentian has 8 residence buildings, 1,622 beds; the prices range from $4,950 to $6,480.

Meal Plan: Meal plans exist to all at Laurentian University. They have many different meal plans consisting of: Freedom - $4,400 (tax incl.), Hearty Eater - $4,238 (tax incl.), Commuter - $3,970 (tax incl.), Light Eater - $3,525 (+ applicable taxes), and Upper Year East & West -$1,720 (tax incl.) .

Average Class Sizes: 27

Scholarship Opportunities

Laurentian has some of the most generous scholarship offerings across Canada. We offer 57 scholarships all ranging in prices.

This Chart Below shows the Different possible scholarship opportunities depending on your high school grades:

Psychology (B.A.)

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes, which include both normal and abnormal human and animal behaviour, and the related psychological, social, and biological processes.

This program provides a good foundation in the scientific approach as well as in various content areas. Students are required to take introductory psychology, statistics and experimental design, and tests and measurements. Other choices include perception, brain and behavior, emotion, cognition, learning, and psychopathology.

First Year Courses in Psychology

- There is one mandatory course:

PSYC-1105EL - Introduction to Psychology

- The other courses you get to choose depending on what field of psychology you want to go into

Admission Requirements and Information

- You must have a 70% overall

- Have completed 12 4U/M courses

- Required to have a grade 12 4U English credit

Contact & Admissions Information


Sudbury Campus Information:


935 Ramsey Lake Road

Sudbury, ON

Phone Number:



Barrie Campus Information:


1 Georgian Drive

Barrie, ON

Phone Number:

705.728.1968 ext 1946