Romanian Revolution (1989)

By: James May

Why where the people protesting?

  • Romania began to develop its own foreign policy while maintaining a rigid communist system at home.
  • The policy’s continued for 24 years by Nicolae Ceauşescu.
  • He vowed never to relinquish his power of dictatorship.
  • Ceausescu had eliminated all opposition and become a dictator.
  • They were also struggling with economy included corruption in the communist party and overreliance on central from western European banks to finances its its industrial build-up.

During the protest.

  • During the protest thousands of people in the city of Timişoara staged demonstrations and attacked the security guards.
  • The government security guard forces responded to the protest by firing at people and killing hundreds.
  • The protesting started to spread into other city's.
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After the protesting.

  • The protesting stopped when the National Salvation Front, led by Lon Lliescu took control of the country in the days immediately after after Ceausescu's execution.
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