Eleanor Roosevelt

by Johnna Watson

Birth and Family

Eleanor roosevelt was born on october 11th 1884, in New York City. Her husband was Franklin D. roosevelt. Her full name is Ann Eleanor Roosevelt so as you can tell Eleanor is her middle name. Her mom and dad pasted when she was only 8 years old and she was very sad because she loved them so much but she was mostly sad because she loved spending time with her dad so much and then after they pasted she had to live with her grandparents and she hated that because she couldn't use her legs because her grandparents had servants to carry her around the house and at the stores pretty much where ever she went they came to carry her around. Her nick name was little nell for her parents her nick name was little nell also for her grandparents but she didn't like her grandparents calling her little nell but you got to keep in mind that she loved her grandparents dearly and she loved her parents dearly also.
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Childhood and Education

When Eleanor Roosevelt was 15 her grandmother told her she had to go to a boarding school near London England . Eleanor Roosevelt wanted to be called by her middle name since she was young like 4. she didn't like boarding school at all not a tiny bit.
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College and Career

Roosevelt had been a brilliant public speaker through her career. She was an international spokes person for woman. For college she went to more boarding school that she didn't like at all.
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Accomplishments and Leadership

Eleanor Roosevelt helped the poor people. She gave woman the strength to be a hero and that they are important to everybody in the world and inspire them also. She was kind to everyone in the army and gave them things to thank them for there serves and she said thank you also for their serves.
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Why I feel my person is a good leader

Eleanor was the first lady in the world to become the first lady. She gave presents to the poor and the people in the hospital and the army people that lost arms, legs, and all that kind of stuff like that and that's a pretty good leader if I don't say so myself. thats why I feel my leader is a good leader.
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The End

Thats all the facts I have found hope you learned some stuff about Ann Eleanor Roosevelt.


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