Entering Data

When you enter data you have to pick a cell and enter your data into it. Once your done with the cell you've just done, push the tab key to move on to the next cell to enter more data. To make sure you've entered your data push the enter button. You can also use the arrow keys to move onto the next cell!

Formulas and Functions

Formulas are things when you go into a cell and enter mathematical equations. Such as (=MIN or (=SUM. Or even when you want the average. To make this equation come true, you have to press and hold on the first cell you entered your equation and then keep holding and go up to the other cells to get the average, sum, highest average, lowest average, and many other formulas. Functions are also close to formulas. Such as the sum function or the round function.

Format Data

When you use currency, you may use this for making a budget. When you use percentages you go into a cell and put in the percent and if you want the full percent then you press onto the box where you put in the formula or function and then highlight the other boxes you need to get the the percentage. When you add a background color, you change the color of the background.

Chart Data

When you make a chart you can make certain types of charts like line charts, graph charts, pie charts, and many more! When you edit a chart you can change the title or even the way it looks. You can change the color of the background or the regular color and make it different. You can also change the vertical axis to horizontal axis. You can make a legend, resize the chart, and change the data series. To move a chart to its own sheet you go up to the top of the spreadsheet and go to move to chart to its own sheet, and then it will take you to another tab and it will already have the spreadsheet moved.