Diary of a wimpy kid Old School

Written By Jeff Kinney

Published By Amulet Books

ISBN 971419717017

Genre Fiction


Diary of a wimpy kid old school is the 10th book in the series diary of a wimpy kid by jeff kinney. The book is about how a young 14 year old boy named gregory heffly and his mom wants to go back to the old days. Greg does not like that idea that much but he has to so everybody in their neighborhood turns off all electronics. So greg is bored because of the electronic ban so he builds a lemonade stand with his friend rowley, they do that and make zero dollars because their lemonade is terrible. So with that being said greg goes to a field trip to a camp called Hardscramble Farms its an old camp that middle school kids go to every year. Greg enters the camp and as soon as he gets comfortable he hears about silas scratch. Silas scratch is an old farmer who got kicked off his property so he goes into the forest and goes nuts because he got lost in the country so now he becomes this scary legend at Hardscrmble Farms.

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