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From Mrs. Arms' 1st Grade Class

A Valentine Success Story

We had a great Valentine's Day on Thursday. If you saw floating hearts coming out of Patsy Sommer that afternoon they were probably coming from our room. A huge thank you to Angel for coordinating our party for us. I know the kids enjoyed the chopstick game and making giant, edible rings out of Hersheys' Kisses. Many of you donated cupcakes, napkins, paper plates, paper cups, juice, cookies, and money. Without you these events are possible so a ginormous thank you to all of you too. The Sweetheart Breakfast was also a huge hit this year with over 50 former students stopping by for some Mrs. Arms lovin! It's so fun to watch older students talking with the younger ones about how to survive in 1st grade.

Out of Touch?

If it seems I've been out of touch lately, you're correct. My classroom technology has not been operating efficiently or correctly for that matter for some time. Unfortunately this has halted the majority of my communication since a large portion of supporting 21st century learning involves using technology as a means for communicating with others. That said, I've been told that a refresh of desktop computers should be coming this spring and have been using what free time I have at home to stay connected. I apologize for not posting pictures on the blog but rest assured we are doing some major learning in 1st grade.

Problem Based Learning

Biography Research

Nothing to do?

  • Are your kids board at home? Do you need more enrichment to keep them engaged and out of trouble?
  1. I have an enrichment calendar posted on our class wiki page for every month of the school year.
  2. There are lots of fun and challenging math problems, modified from the National Center for the Teaching of Mathematics.
  • Don't like any of the activities on the enrichment calendar?
  1. We are so fortunate to have access to millions of resources at our finger tips. Use your favorite search engine to look for activities to engage your child. You'll be amazed at what you can find. There are at home activities for art, music, drama, math, keyboarding, online reading, writing prompts, etc.

Friendly Reminders

  • Send a healthy snack and water bottle with your child everyday. Chips, cookies, and snack cakes are not examples of healthy snacks. I have observed a correlation between eating a "junky" snack and exhibiting unacceptable behavior 30-45 minutes afterwards. Students are off task and not focused on learning. This is an easy fix. Instead send fresh fruit or vegetables, crackers, etc. to keep their tummies full and their brains energized.
  • Label all coats, hats, water bottles, lunch boxes, and layered clothing. Our "Lost and Found" bin is exploding.
  • Please return "Home Reading Folder" weekly. I send home text that should be on your child's instructional level. That means they are reading with 90% accuracy and should be able to get through a lengthy picture book or short chapter book in a week. Lengthy chapter books may take a bit longer. Help encourage those life long reading skills by making daily reading for 20 minutes a day a habit in your home. This week only 7 folders were returned on Friday. Unfortunately I do not have a free conference period until Thursday and rely on the weekend to have folders ready to go for the following week and folders/books not returned on Fridays may wait until new books are sent home the next Monday.

Mrs. Arms-We Need You

"Just call my name. I'll be there in a hurry. You don't have to worry."- Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson