Athens yes Sparta NO

What do Athens Value?

Athens value:

  • Temples
  • Athena
  • Anything that involves wit and Intellect
  • Art
  • Learning
  • Sports
  • Monument
  • Zeus
  • Writers
  • Play writers
The only things that Sparta value are :

  • There strong military
  • Strength

How were the governments run in Athens?


Athens had a democracy where people made decisions for people on how the government operates. They also have an assembly. This group makes the Athens laws. You can get into the assembly by being a free male that is 18. The council of 500 is where every citizen(which has to be a free male thats 18) rich or poor is free to join the group. But you have to win a lottery. Generals there play many roles such as Judge, the council, in the navy and in the army

How Athens economies work

Athens is Based on trade and tourism. They trade things such as: Honey, Olive oil and pottery. Thousands of people come to Athens to see there wonderful temples and schools. To make there trading easier they started to trade there own coin hat they made.

How are woman and slaves treated?

Woman in Athens are not treated that well but the slaves are treated very well. the slaves there can be farmers, office clerk and in the council. They slaves farm crops because the men are usually always in the council, or the assembly.