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Water, Earth, Sun, and Fun

Earth Science is in the news every day. We constantly monitor the weather for storms, snow, or sunshine. The water crisis in Flint, Michigan remains in the news. There was an earthquake in Alaska just a few weeks ago that made headlines. In the last week, astronomers have discovered a possible planet beyond Pluto. One goal of the Lab is to make students aware of our interaction with earth and our place in space. I am so impressed with how each day they come with exciting questions about our world and place in space. I encourage you to discuss these events with your child at the dinner table or as you notice them in nature.

Grade Level Science Lessons

Our Kindergarten students are exploring weather this week and making tornado tubes. First grade is exploring how light from the sun can be bent and can make a rainbow. Second grade classes are working to see how water changes the land. Third grade classes are learning about ecosystems and how one change (i.e an oil spill) can disrupt that ecosystem. Fourth grade students are continuing to select a site to build a bridge. Fifth grade students are working on their final designs in collaborative groups for next week's big water purification investigation.

Guest Speakers!!

Last week we had Kay Coomes (pictured below) from Atmos Energy share with our students about conservation and fossil fuels. This week, we have Peter Cinotto from US Geological Services coming to share about plate tectonics and earthquakes. If you have access to a person that would be a great guest speaker, please let me know.