Welcome to the Canvas Challenge!

'15-'16 Cohort 4 Information

Ready to embrace new possibilities?

Interested in learning about how to use Canvas as a learning platform and building a student-learning experience in your Canvas course?

You should continue reading and sign up for the Canvas Challenge!

Need to Knows:

This course will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Develop basic lesson components for a course of your choosing, in a supportive course environment
  • Experience Canvas as a student-user
  • Earn four professional development hours (CPE) in Eduphoria

Credit cannot be assigned to participants until all course requirements have been completed. In other words, no partial-credit will be assigned.

While course requirements are sequenced over the course of two weeks, YOU CAN ACCELERATE COMPLETION OF THE REQUIREMENTS PER YOUR INDIVIDUAL PREFERENCE. In other words, you can complete many components at your preferred pace of work.

You can read more about course requirements here:


Sign up to participate in the Canvas Challenge - Cohort 4:


If you sign up, you will receive a course invitation in Canvas on Wednesday, January 6th. To accept the invitation, the first step is to log in with your Active Directory credentials (same you use for Eduphoria, NO @aisd.net in your username) at https://arlington.instructure.com

You'll see an invitation to join the course. Accept the invitation, go to the course, and you'll be off!

What's the Timeline?

  • Wednesday, January 6: Course invitations sent
  • Monday, January 11: Kickoff Tasks available
  • Sunday, January 17: Kickoff Tasks deadline
  • Monday, January 18: Challenges 1-10 available
  • Friday, January 29: Challenge 10 deadline
  • Friday, February 19: Show & Tell evidence deadline / Canvas Challenge course ends