WPE Counselor Newsletter

4th Quarter 2021-2022

School Counseling Services

Counselors are essential educators and mental health professionals in the school system. We are growing graduates by teaching educational, career, personal, and social development at all ages!

Personalized Counseling continues for students! Remember, this year we are meeting with each student through individual meetings. We have met with the majority of students in grades 1-5. If we have not met with your child, yet, we will soon! This is a special time for students to tell us about themselves, their strengths, and their goals for the future.

We have enjoyed getting to know your children, their strengths, and future plans!

Mrs. Dabney and Mrs. Corpus

WPE School Counselors

Great 8 Skills for Daily Living: Relationship Skills

A child's consistent performance of socially acceptable actions that promote and maintain positive connections with others.

Relationship Skills Classroom Guidance

Student "I can" Statements:

  • Compliment or congratulate somebody

  • Do something nice for somebody

  • Show appreciation of others

  • Greet a person in a polite way

  • Attract positive attention from peers

  • Express concern for another person

  • Attract positive attention from adults

  • Make a suggestion or request in a polite way

  • Offer to help somebody

  • Respond to another person’s feelings

Great 8 Skills at Home

For more information on Social and Emotional Learning at Home, visit Aperture Education Parent Portal and SEL Tips & Tools. To learn more about Goal-Directed Behavior and additional activities you can do at home to build this Great 8 Skill, click here.

No Place for Hate

For our No Place for Hate activity during the third quarter, students read a book, Say Something by Peter Reynolds, which explores the many ways that a single voice can make a difference. Each of us, each and every day, have the chance to say something: with our actions, our words and our voices. There are so many ways to tell the world who you are... what you are thinking... and what you believe. And how you'll make it better. At the end of the lesson, students were given the opportunity to draw a picture or write a positive message about their self, the Earth or others inside a quote bubble. We wanted to share a few messages with you from Ms. Woods Kindergarten class.

"You're on my team"

"Move Onward"

"Be nice"

"I can do it!"

Attention 5th Grade Parents

Course selection has been completed with our incoming 6th grade student. You will receive an email from the district with a unique code to access Naviance and approve your child's plan. We have included instructions on how to reset your passwords Naviance Parent Password Reset and a tutorial for how to approve plans in Naviance can be found here.

You will have the opportunity to make changes to your student’s courses for the upcoming year in April and May during Course verification. Nevertheless, if you would like to update the current plan at this time, or have any questions please reach out to your child's future middle school counselor.

Humble Middle School Counselors

A-DIE: Alicia Narcisse- Alicia.Narcisse@humbleisd.net, 281-641-4081

DIF-LAB: Erin Gutierrez- Erin.Gutierrez@humbleisd.net, 281-641-4086

LAC-RAM: Maria Ingram- maria.ingram@humbleisd.net, 281-641-4047

RAN-Z: Melissa Gomez- mygomez@humbleisd.net, 281-641-4082

Camp Nobis

Middle School Transition Camp open to 5th Graders in Humble ISD attending middle school for the 2022-2023 school year!

Take Time for a Mindful Minute

College, Career, & Life Readiness

This quarter students will be learning about career opportunities that are available under the Arts and Humanities endorsement. The students will also explore programs that are offered at local community colleges and trade schools in Texas. This will take place each week on Wisdom Wednesdays. Students are encouraged to wear a college shirt every Wednesday.

Career Exploration

PAWS in Jobland: Use the district access code AK01773.

Students go to the website and click on Jobland. In Jobland, students can choose buildings and careers to explore.

  • What are some of the careers in the building?

  • Did you find any jobs that interest you?

  • If so, what did you like about them? If not, what did you not like about them?

WittyWe: Students can explore different Career Clusters and learn more about the areas that interest them.

Are You Ready for College?

College Spotlight

This quarter we are spotlighting Houston Community College. Click here to learn more about HCC.

U.S. Armed Forces Spotlight

This quarter we are spotlighting the United States Space Force. To learn more about Careers with the U.S. Space Force, click here.

Community Resources

School Counseling Services

English Small Group Counseling Form

The purpose of small groups is to bring students with similar needs or concerns together to share, problem solve, and connect with their peers to enhance their social and emotional development.

If you need to contact the counselor, here's now......

Counseling Office Contact Information

(281) 641-2507

Mrs. Dabney email elain.dabney@humbleisd.net

Mrs. Corpus email karla.corpus@humbleisd.net