Conversation's With Clemmons

By: Carter Blubaugh

The History Of a History Teacher

Mr. Clemmons grew up with a fascination for history which he decided to follow and make a career out of. He first went attended college at Hendrix College in his home state of Arkansas where he earned a masters degree. Later he continued his education at the University of Duke where he also earned a Master's degree. Both degrees were in History and Education. Currently, Mr. Clemmons teaches AP U.S. History for juniors at Keller High School.

Mr. Clemmons also sponsors the Keller Quidditch Team.

Teaching Experience

  • 19th year teaching
  • taught 7-12th grades
Classes taught

  • Arkansas History
  • U.S. History
  • Civics
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

About the Job

Mr. Clemmons duties associated with the job included grading work, typing out the notes, and keeping the class going while keeping it interesting. A typical day consists of getting up, working 8:30-1:10, have a lunch break, communicate upcoming ideas and events to all classes, and grading. He easily works 50 hours a week.

For Mr. Clemmons, his biggest challenge is the paperwork part of the job. He is more of a people person and he shows that by walking around every morning and greeting every student. The biggest reward he receives for teaching is seeing his students go on to do what they love and know that he helped them get to that place in their life. According to Mr. Clemmons, the self-motivation is a 9 on the scale since the job is most by himself with little interaction with other teachers or people outside his classroom.

The advice Mr. Clemmons would give to a student pursuing a career in teaching would be to not become a teacher as a second choice or a fallback career since it takes a lot of self-motivation to be a teacher.