Batman vs Joker

Philosophy at the movies


  • Batman is based around fear and the fear that batman has that if he every gets close to someone then he fears he will lose them just like he lost his parents.
  • He also developed a fear of bats when he fell in in a well hence why he is called 'Batman'. The name batman is Bruce Wayne's alter ego who fights crime and hopes to create such a frightening image of a crime fighter that future committees of crime will decide not to commit a crime.
  • Whether Bruce Wayne's darker side is Good or Evil is a controversial subject as it is a subjective argument there is no definitive answer.
  • The 'Bat' in 'Batman' is very symbolic as a bat is this dark thing that you cant really see but can basically suck your blood and bite you and it can soar above society and around the law.
  • Is he Bruce Wayne or batman?
  • In the movie it makes it clear it is easier for him to change from Bruce Wayne to Batman therefore leaving the question does that make him Batman?
  • However he Bruce Wayne is very able of falling in love despite the fact that he doesn't want He doesn't want to because his love for protecting people is his strength but also his weakness. someone is his weakness (Achilles heel).
  • When Bruce Wayne's parents died Bruce wayne decides to start helping people and protect this from happening to other however most of his arch enemies have also had a tragedy happen to them but they react differently and decide to inflict the same pain on other people that they have felt.
  • Two face is what Batman tries so hard not to be like as once two face was like batman tried to protect the people and uphold justice through the law. However he turns evil when a tragic event happens to him."die a hero or live long enough to see yourself turn in to a villain". Batman creates a set of rule and morals while he is upholding justice to make sure he does not turn in to two face.
  • Relatable to humans as he doesn't have any super powers, have any mutant genes or comes from a different planet he just has a massive amount of self discipline.
  • Wants crime fighters to think that he isn't in control of this mountain of anger that he sits upon and that he is unpredictable and dangerous


  • The joker is the most unpredictable and insane character.
  • He is the perfect villain for Batman as he is a villain that doesn't have a motivation or a goal. He is just pure evil and these are the hardest villains to fight as you cant bargain with them.
  • The presence of random injustice means justice doesn't exist.
  • This is why the Joker is so key to batman as the Jokers concept about justice not existing puts batman in to question at all as all that batman has done to uphold justice would be for nothing if the joker is right and justice doesn't exist.
  • Loves chaos and thinks schemers are pathetic and stupid


Batman and the Joker aren't completely different people thats what makes them so interesting. batman upholds justice and protects the innocence while the jokes claims Justice cant exist if theres random acts of injustice like mine and how can innocence exist if innocence can be broken. If what the joker is saying is true then that puts in to question the whole idea of batman as batman was created by Bruce Wayne to uphold justice and protect the innocent in and around the law but if Justice doesn't exist that means batman doesn't exist either or it means that everything Batman has been doing has been based upon a lie. This makes us ask what are Batman's goals and morals? maybe he is seeking violence through attacking criminals maybe he's just like the villains he fights off just fighting on the other side.
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