Mid-November Newsletter

November 15, 2015

Notes from room 110

We are back from LLELA and we learned some valuable lessons. As a teacher, I am eager to explore the DFW area with unique experiences to enrich our classroom concepts. This year was my first year to take a class to the farm, the Heard and LLELA. As a teacher, I do my due diligence and scout all the trips without students to make sure the environment will support what we are doing.

LLELA is a wonderful outdoor experience filled with wildlife. Our field trip on Friday was composed of a nature walk and pond investigation. While our experience on Friday was not ideal as far as the instructor, I took the opportunity to look at this challenge as an opportunity. After our lesson, we had a delicious lunch and played sharks and minnows. The class and our chaperones had a ball playing a class version of tag with sharks and minnows. Instead of dragging our heels and complaining, we embraced the problem and made our own fun. Upon arriving back to class, I took the opportunity to explain that sometimes things will not always turn out the way we think. We have to embrace a mindset to see an opportunity to grow and learn.

I encourage you to look at your child's report card with the same thought. Look at the notes and feedback as opportunities for your child to learn and grow. If you engage in conversation with your child about the report card talk about progress and then go onto the opportunities to grow. On Monday, I will reset the Class Dojo point bubbles. Each child will start back on zero.

Now, our classroom continues to buzz with excitement. In the last few weeks, we have learned a great deal about relevant and meaningful topics such as Veterans Day and The Global Cardboard Challenge. Check out our academic assignments below and you will see the same excitement. My hope is that your child is talking around these concepts. Personally, I know at lunch my conversations this past week have revolved around playing "I spy" with states of matter, food groups and compound words. As a teacher this is music to my ears.

Finally, I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe holiday. I must say I am truly grateful for my students and their supporting parents. Thank you for your guidance, support and patience. Enjoy the holiday.

Reading: Putting our strategies to work- using multiple strategies to decode unknown words

Writing: Functional narrative ( how tos)

Phonics: Wrapping up r blends

Math: Quilt patterns and tangrams

Science: Planting bulbs

Social Studies: Cardboard Challenge

Mystery Number Skype

This week we will be looking closely at the 120's chart. We will be playing mystery games where students will pick a number and then ask questions to figure out the number. We will do this in class first and then after the break, we will connect with a class through Skype. Students will either write or have a number line/chart available to cross out numbers after asking questions. What I love about this task is that in involves so many of the skills we have learned so far. Here are just a handful:

  • writing numbers
  • odd and even
  • place value ( tens and ones)
  • greater than and less than

Eventually we will Skype with another primary class and complete a mystery number Skype. I just think the students are going to love it. You can also play this with your child anytime you are waiting in line or in the car. You just need a method to write. Students could do this on an iPad or on paper.

What's coming up in Primer

Learning in Primer is constant. Get ready for many events after the Thanksgiving break. Here is a peak at a few events planned:

Healthy Thanksgiving

Healthy Thanksgiving with ATF

Adventure to Fitness (ATF) is offering a Thanksgiving episode for students to share the journey with other family members. Parents, you will need to provide an email address to view the episodes.

Important Dates

  • November 17 Spirit Dress Day
  • November 19 Cardboard Challenge Showcase 12:00-12:45 P.M. in the theater
  • November 20 Grandparents' and Grand Friends Day 8:00-10:30 A.M.
  • November 21-29 Thanksgiving Break
  • December 1 Raincatcher's Garden Trip
  • December 8 Spirit Dress Day
  • December 11 Family Game 1:00-1:45