Lower School Library Newsletter

Winter 2014

Technology Updates

Fifth graders have been putting their final edits to their Public Service Announcements encouraging water conservation and awareness of water issues around the world. These iMovies are being shared at Monday Gatherings. They have created powerful messages with music, words and images after researching the issue. Students then exported their iMovies and uploaded them to their digital portfolios. Students may publish their portfolios if they wish; they are password protected. I would suggest that you first take a look and offer help for any grammar and spelling mistakes as we did not check each individual page.
Fourth graders have multiple books checked out as they conduct their non-fiction research project and simultaneously immerse themselves in Historical Fiction. They have been "un-Googled" and they are beginning to understand the value of searching the University of Delaware databases that we subscribe to.
Third Graders completed composing their letters requesting information from the United States National Parks. They have progressed from one finger typing to home row typing. Although it was a slow process, this will set the stage for fourth grade where they become quite more capable keyboarders.

Second Graders in the Library/Lab

Our second graders have perused many non-fiction books in their Wondering Project. This book-tasting allows them to open their mind to topics they may not have considered and sparks their curiosity to think, " I wonder why... " In the lab, they are creating a document and in the process finding images and learning to format using text boxes and Font selections.

First Graders

Tagging on to the recent visit by the renown storyteller, Ed Okonowicz, first graders have been writing stories in the Lab. They are using StoryJumper, a Web 2.0 platform as well as Microsoft Word. They are really thinking like authors. Questions I have heard are, "Can it be realistic fiction?" " Can I write a non-fiction book" and "Wow-I was wondering what that blue W was!" (Microsoft Word!)

Kindergarten and their Inspirations

Kindergarteners come to the lab and bring their creativity. They are using various software programs including a favorite, Kidspiration. They have created a visual entitled All About Me in which they are learning how to size images and are inserting images into three categories: Why I am special, Things I like and My Family. Some have even added their name and many critters - snakes, frogs and rabbits!

Pre-K Dives into Research

Pre-k went beyond their classroom to do some research with Mrs. Otto in the Library. They browsed books, listened to stories and even learned about various sea creatures by watching mini videos through our Pebble-Go Database subscription.
Fifth graders have been listening to her historical fiction book, Where the Ground Meets the Sky. In the classroom they are blogging. The book has a Quaker piece to it as it addresses choices and the ethics of war. The questions they have posed have been thoughtful and insightful. They will have a hands on writing workshop when she visits.
Other students are reading the Lemonade War series and listening to her other books in an effort to be exposed to many of her publications.

Beyond Our Walls

Children's Book World hosts author Jon Muth

Thursday, February 27th, 7:00 p.m.

CBW is delighted to welcome Jon J. Muth to their Haverford store. Jon is author and illustrator of numerous award-winning picture books including Caldecott Honor book Zen Shorts . Jon will be talking about his new book, Hi, Koo!. Some readers may remember Koo from Zen Ties, and now he’s back in a sweet haiku-infused story.

Wilmington Library Reopens

Mimi Otto, Lower School Librarian chats up books at the recent Grand Re-Opening of the Wilmington Downtown Library. They host many exciting events including PAWS and Pre-school story times.
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A New Study Suggests Reading is Good for the Brain

Not that we didn't know this, but a recent study published in the journal Brain Connectivity noted that the participants had "significant increases in connectivity" after reading a novel each evening. MRI results indicated this activity in the hub of the brain that correlates "with perspective taking and story comprehension."