1st Grade Beach Break

September 19, 2016

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What a GREAT group of Kids!!

Cabana Talk

Welcome to a new week! It is hard to believe we have already completed four weeks of school!! Progress reports will be coming home on Tuesday. Just a reminder that this first progress report will only have a letter grade on each of the different content areas. There is a description of what each letter grade means on the progress report. All report cards and progress reports moving forward will have some content areas with a number grade while others will remain a letter grade.


  • Friday, September 30th is spirit day. Let's show our school spirit!!
  • Progress reports will be going out on Tuesday, September 20th.
  • Our first Chick-Fil-A spirit night is on Tuesday, September 20th.
  • Wednesday, October 5th and Thursday, October 6th, the fire truck will be stopping by the school.
  • Friday, October 7th is an early release day. School will dismiss at noon.
  • Monday, October 10th, there is no school.

Looking at the Week Ahead

Reader's Workshop

We continue to move forward with our routines and procedures in Reader's Workshop. These are some of the routines the students will learn:
  • Using context clues
  • Making Reading sound like talk
  • Activating background knowledge
  • Making predictions

Guided reading books (RED folder) will start coming home on Monday the 19th. Please enjoy this precious reading time with your child!

Writer's Workshop

The students are working so hard in Writer's Workshop. We will focus on learning the following routines in the week ahead:
  • Planning our drawing and writing
  • Learning how stories are organized
  • Using details: people and places
  • generating topics


The students did well on their first test. I am so proud of their hard work!! We will be focusing on words with the short o sound. Here is our list for the week:

Pattern Words

  • mom
  • hop
  • job
  • got
  • top
  • God
  • not
  • fox

High-Frequency Words

  • a
  • and

Challenge Words

  • does
  • often


We will complete our unit on mammals. We will begin a unit on insects and parts of a plant.

Social Studies

We will be learning about our state flag and state flower this week.


We will be starting a new unit over the counting on strategy. We will begin with counting on by one's, then move on to counting on by two's. We will also use other manipulatives to show this process such as coins, dice, and dominos.


The children are having so much fun learning about the fruits of the spirit!! They love the fruit of the spirit song as well! The fruits we will focus on this week are gentleness and self-control.

Week In Review

What is a mammal?

This week we have discussed what some of the characteristics of a mammal are. We also learned about woodland mammals. Whales are a special kind of mammal that have blubber to stay warm.

Social Studies

We began our unit on Texas state symbols. We talked about what state we live in and where it is located on the map.

Reader's and Writer's Workshop

During our Reader's Workshop this week, I completed DRA testing. The students are now ready to bring home their RED (Read Every Day) folders. Be looking for that in their BEACH folders.

We have started working on establishing good writing habits. They are all doing so well already. I hear them remind each other daily about some of the new habits that we learned, such as skipping lines on our sloppy copies.

Math Geniuses!

The students worked very hard preparing for their first Math test. It is so exciting watching them strive to do their very best in all they do!


Our first Spelling test went very well. We took it slow and walked through it together. They are such bright kiddos!


Meet our first servant kid!! Way to show the light of Jesus through your actions, Caleb!!

Our First Bus Ride!! We had a great time at the apple orchard!!

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The kids did so well at the apple orchard. They enjoyed it. Thank you, Mr. Granger, for the help!!