Warrior Weekly

Week of January 26-30, 2015

Fantastic Evening!!

We enjoyed a wonderful evening with many of our families on Tuesday night. Those who were able to help have all expressed that it was well worth the time. We have had many compliments from families on the evening and many are looking forward to a Second Annual NWES Dinner Theater event for next year. Between seating capacity and the sign-in sheets for Title I purposes, we believe we served really close to 500 people that evening. Amazing!!

Celebrating 100 Days of School!!!

This Week's Schedule!! NWEA Testing Continues!

  • 7:35--North Webster Reading Committee Meeting
  • 1:00--Special Needs Staffing--Kris's Office
  • 3:00--Case Conference


  • 7:35--Grade Level/Department Team Meetings--Please include a discussion on your current Power Up groups and what your data is showing.
  • 12:15--K/1 Math Committee Meeting
  • 1:10--Case Conference


  • 7:35--SMART Start--Ruth will work with you to review your close reading work for the last two weeks! :)
  • 10:00--ACR
  • 12:15--2/3 Math Committee Meeting
  • 3:45--ACT Committee Meeting


  • 7:35--RTI Team 1
  • 7:40--ACR
  • 9:00--ACR
  • 9:45--ACR
  • 10:30--ACR
  • 12:15--4/5 Math Committee Meeting
  • 12:45--ACR
  • 1:30--ACR
  • 3:00--ACR
  • 6:30--Family Game Night--Cafeteria


  • 7:40--ACR
  • 8:20--ACR
  • 9:45--ACR
  • 10:30--ACR
  • 11:15--ACR
  • 12:45--ACR
  • 2:15--ACR
Video on Blizzrd vs. Winter Storm

This is a nice video that describes differences between winter storm and blizzard warnings. It also offers good safety tips and ideas for being prepared for winter weather. It might be a neat thing to pair with a close read article.