Many Pearls 2015 Recap

2016 will be extraordinary!

Many Pearls 2015 Rocked!

Top 5 in Sales for 2015

Kathy Chaney $51,460 (approximate 18% increase over 2014) - I was able to grow my personal sales while dealing with my Dad in the hospital/cardiac rehab for 4 months, Bill's dad in hospital/hospice/death and the continued care of his immobile mother. FLEXIBILITY continues to by my WHY! Where else can you GROW in your "job" while caregiving for approximately 2/3 of the year? This is the BEST job out there for women and I'm on a mission to grow my personal team by 24 this year!

Jayme Griffin $30,966 - Jayme is a busy mom of 3 and she and her husband own a Tae Kwon Do studio where she is an instructor. Jayme understands the value of practicing 2-2-4-2 to book, sell and sponsor to CRUSH her goals! Jayme is a valuable asset to our team as a leader in Mississippi and I'm excited for what she has in store for 2016!

Michele McGee $24,126 - Look up hustle in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of Michele! Michele is one of the busiest women I know. She balances a demanding full time career, charitable and social obligations, FURBABIES, and her rocking Stella & Dot business with style! Michele always goes the extra mile to finish strong and reach her goals. Michele was our first stylist in Mississippi and is our #1 leader there. So grateful to have on our team!

Jennifer Rhea $20,188 - Jennifer is amazing! She is a mom of 3, a nurse practitioner with a hectic career, and an amazing stylist! This lady knows how to rock a flash sale like nobody can! Jennifer is another valuable leader on our team In Mississippi and I have the feeling will be our next Star stylist! Here's to 2016 Jen!

Renee Hitchcock $15,449 - Renee is a fulltime mom who balances a demanding career with her S&D business. She does this all with class and grace! Renee is the first to lend a hand with any event or meeting we do here in Nashville, and is invaluable to our local leadership team. I'm so excited for Renee to GROW in 2016 in many ways! STAR in the making right here!

Our team also grew by 7.5%, and our team total sales grew by 13.6%. With the amazing Spring Collection, our Hostess and Sponsoring specials for January, we can start off 2016 even stronger with more booking, selling and sponsoring!

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Just three...

What should you be focusing on this week?

1. Sample Sale - NOW is the time to move out discontinued styles to make room for our gorgeous Spring Collection. Don't get attached...move them out! You will want that cash to buy the new collection. I usually sell my samples for 50% off of retail and I love in-person sample sales...but, you can also send out an email with pics of your samples for sale or post on FB you are having a sample sale and ask your friends to contact you for pics. What you CAN'T do - sell samples on FB including any Buy, Sell, Trade Groups, on eBay or IG or any other internet site.

2. Spring Debut Trunk Shows - January is the time to set yourself up for success in Spring 2016 and three shows is the way to do it! Look at the last two weeks of January right now and determine your available dates (start with 1/15). One of the shows can be your own Spring Debut show. Watch the Lounge - Product Launch for preview pics to use. We have a hostess bonus of an extra $50 for shows over $500 in sales - perfect time to host!

3. Spring Rallies - Get yourself to a Spring Rally! The Nashville area Spring Rally is 1/12, and there will be rallies all over the US starting that week. Check out the Events section of the site for details and GO! You do not want to miss this training! Bring a friend with you - NOW is the time to add a stylist or 2 to your team! Extra $100 in accessories can't be beat! Find your rally here:

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