Special Thanks to Mrs. Dallmann

Mrs. Dallmann at Merton from 1973-2011

A special version of our SMORE

Mrs. Linda Dallmann taught first graders how to learn for 38 years. She retired in 2011 and then moved to Florida. About seven days ago, we learned that she had passed away, surrounded by her family. Linda had been valiently battling cancer for a number of years and was a trooper until the end. She paddled on a canoe team http://survivorsinsync.org/ that you can learn more at this link. On their cover page, she is the woman 4th from the left in the top row.

Linda is remembered for her zest for life, an insatiable sense of humor, her commitment to children and their development, as well as very memorable relationships with everyone who met her. When we think of Linda, we simply smile.

How to be thankful for her work

Our school staff is in the process of collecting donations for flowers for the funeral service and a contribution to the Survivors In Sync breast cancer group, which she belonged to. We hope to have a memorial on our school grounds in the spring time. If you would like to donate, please give Mike Budisch a call at school. The service is on Nov. 30, 9-11:00 AM at Christ King Church in Wauwatosa, WI.

She left quite a legacy here at Merton and we are all very grateful to have known her and felt her love for learning and children.