Canada in 2060

By: Justin


We all know that right now, Canada is one of the best countries to live in. We have a diverse community, people immigrating into Canada from many countries. In a few years however, these facts may not be true, so what might Canada look like in 2060?
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  • Canada on average accepts 250,000 immigrants per year
  • Most of Canada's Immigrants come from China, India and The Philippines
  • Pull Factors: Education and Job opportunities, Strong Economy, Free health care, low Crime Rate
  • Push Factors: Cold climate, High taxes

This tells us that the population is increasing rapidly due to the high influx of Immigrants. Also many of these Immigrants are Business, Skilled Workers or Economic which will help are Economy a lot.


  • Canada is in Stage 4 of the Demographic Transition Model
  • Canada's death rate is 8.31 per 1000
  • Canada's birth rate is 10.29 per 1000

This tells us the population is growing because the birth rate is higher than the death rate

First Nations

  • First Nations are treated horribly
  • 3rd world living
  • Untrue statements said about them. ( Alcoholics, beggars etc)
  • Promised things never given to them

We can never really know if the First Nations will be treated right until it actually happens. The Government has promised and never delivered promises to them several times

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Population Pyramid

This population pyramid shows us what Canada looked like in 2014. As we can see the most densely populated age group is the 50-54 age group. As the dependent load under 15 gets older the most densely populated age group might be the 20-25 age group. These people will also create more children increasing that age group as well.

2060 Immigration

Country of Origin: The three main countries that Canada's Immigration comes from are China, India and The Philippines. China and India are both very overpopulated. This means many families will immigrate to Canada. We know this because Canada has an abundance of Food and Water and Free Health Care. The third country, the Philippines have had a history of bad Natural Disasters while Canada has had very few. Also, Canada has a much stronger Economy and Health Care System.

Immigration Rate: Canada already accepts 250,000 Immigrants per year and because of this are Economy has gotten stronger each time. As the Economy gets stronger as more people migrate here, Canada will get much more appealing and will no doubt get a larger Immigration rate.

Push Factors: Many push factors today will still be true in 2060. The Climate will still be very cold and Taxes will still be high.

Pull Factors: Same as Push Factors the pull factors will be the same as well. Job and Educational opportunities will still be at large and with the Economy getting stronger Free Health Care will be there as well.

Province of Settlement: Ontario and Quebec will most likely be the provinces of settlement in 2060 these provinces have all of the tourist attractions. Ontario also contains cities like Toronto and Ottawa which have always been the most populated

First Nation's Future

As seen in the past, The First Nations we're never treated right. They we're promised things they never got and things probably wont change, Their living conditions have always been horrible and always we're mistreated.
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My Life in 2060 (Had Nothing to Record With)

When I'm 60 many things will be different. Immigration will be higher so there will be less job oppritunites. I don't know if I will have kids. I guess I don't really know what my life will be like in 2060.