Salem trials

What are Witches

Witches are belived to be bings with powers that can cures/heal or better knowen as magic. Magic is the abilty to mantpulate unseen forces.(Stein,1995)

Salem witch trials

Friday, May 16th 1692 at 9pm


The salem witch trials are where the witches that have been found, will be exacuted by being burnd at the stake, being drownd, and by being hung.


Witches where known for cruse and one of the biggest cruse people claimed a witch to do in salem was the same one that had young girls to have werd fits, neck and back pains, tongues being drown from there throuts, random outcries, and no control over there bodys.

Salem witch trials

The salem witch trials ended in 1693 at the end of the year and in 1695 they put up a momorel for the fallin.