By: Chris Walker

Platinum and its history.

The word platinum originally comes from the Spanish word "Platina" which means silver. The reason why it was called this is because platinum has a silvery white color to it. Platinum was originally found by a man named Antonio de Ulloa in 1735. The element was found in South America and quickly had a high value to it. Platinum was also used by pre-Columbian Indians back then but was discovered by people later.

Platinum's Basic information

  • The Symbol for platinum is Pt
  • Platinum's atomic number is 78
  • Platinum is in group 10 on the periodic table
  • Platinum in is period 6 on the periodic table
  • Platinum's classification is metallic
  • Platinum has a silver color to it

Platinum in the universe and interesting facts

Platinum is rarer than gold and silver combined. Platinum is so rare that all of the platinum mined in the world could fit into a room. Platinum on the market is based on parts per thousand for price. Platinum's Geology in the universe is 5 ppb by weight and .03 ppb by atoms. the density is 21090 kg and Platinum is not found in Humans. Platinum is a very interesting metal and there is still so much to learn about it!