Peek at the Week

Mrs. Bennett's First Grade News, Week 7 (Oct. 9-13)

A Note From the Teacher

We have had another successful week in first grade. We have had a great time exploring the different tools a scientist uses through experiments. The q and u wedding was a big hit. Check out my facebook page to see all the excitement. Next week we will continue to study adjectives and antonyms. Students are practicing finding adjectives in books and adding them to their writing in writier's workshop! We will focus more in depth on what it means to write a complete sentence next week including capitals and punctuation. We will continue to learn new reading strategies such as skippy frog and tryin' lion to help us solve difficult words. We will NEVER let the word win! Remember, if your child's work has a stamp on it that says 'great job' or 'terrific', they have given themselves that stamp during literacy stations. This is when your child is expected to work independently while I am pulling small reading groups. Please make sure your child is doing his or her best. I am highlighting check plus station work this week to encourage them to take pride in working independently. In math, our stations are going great. We will continue to learn how to count to 120 in various ways. In science next week, we will experiment with how heat causes change.


  • The field trip to P-6 Farms is scheduled for Thursday, October 26th.

  • All parents going on the trip must be VIPS approved.

  • Mon. Oct 9 - Student Holiday/Parent Conferences

  • Friday, Oct 27 - $1 Dress Up: Stuffed Animals (must fit in backpack)

  • Tues., Oct 31 - Fall Party from 8:30-10

  • Wed., Nov. 15 - Picture Retakes



*OPTIONAL CHALLENGE WORDS (Test on Friday, October 13)

balance, gloves, goggles, hand lens, materials, tools, thermometer, safety