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February 26, 2021

Reading is a Passport to Countless Adventures!

Read Across America is the week of March 1-5! Celebrate reading adventures and new Spanish vocabulary!

Monday (Lunes): ¡Yo puedo leer con los ojos cerrados! / I can read with my eye closed!

K-3 classrooms will decide the book they are going to use to build their ninot (or parade float-see below) and 4-7 ELA will decide as a grade level what book they will use. Ninot building will begin.

Spanish word for the Day: Leer- to read

Tuesday (Martes): ¿Eres tú mi mamá? / Are You My Mother?

Spanish word for the Day: Libro- book

Wednesday (Miercoles): Un pez, dos peces / One Fish, Two Fish

Spanish word for the Day: Autor- Author

Thursday (Jueves): Huevos verdes con jamón / Green Eggs and Ham

Spanish word for the Day: Ficción- Fiction

Friday (Viernes): El gato ensombrerado / The Cat in the Hat

Spanish word for the Day: Illustrador- Illustrator

¡Bienvenido la primavera!

Throughout the second week of March (March 8-15) we will be welcoming in Spring with the lively Spanish traditional festival!

Las Fallas celebrates the arrival of spring and is a religious holiday during which Valencians commemorate Saint José (the patron saint of carpentry) on March 19.

Here at Union Park, our students will dive into what Las Fallas celebrates as they create and build floats to resemble ninots, or an enormous paper maché doll that fills the streets of Valencia during Las Fallas. With the school wide theme of literature, classes will be given the opportunity to choose what their floats represent and display their creative art through our very own parade on Friday March 12th.

We are excited to introduce new vocab, expand our creativity and immerse ourselves into a fun and rich festivity to welcome a new season!

Nuestras palabras del día (Our words of the day):

· Lunes: Las Fallas- A Spanish festival that celebrates Saint Joseph and is held annually to welcome spring.

· Martes: Primavera-Spring

· Miercoles: Crida- the inauguration ceremony of the festival at the end of February; Starts of the preparation for spring

· Jueves: Ninot- Giant paper mache dolls created for the Spanish festival.

· Viernes: Crema- The burning of the fallas, or the ninots.

Open Collection of Information on Fallas de Valencia:





Calendar of Events

Friday, March 5: 1:30 Early Release Day- Teachers will be participating in technology training.

March 8-12: Las Fallas Spirit Week- more details to come!

Friday, March 12: 11:35 HALF DAY Release- DVUSD is sponsoring the second round of COVID-19 vaccines for our staff and regional area private and charter school staff.

March 15-19: NO SCHOOL- Spring Break!

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