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Your kids will be taught to learn at age seven so they will know how to fight like a Spartan by the age of twenty. Also Spartans are the most feared land fighters and will either die at battle or come back with victory.

The government

The Spartans are dived into four classes of government. On top there are 2 kings which were in charge of the armies and some of the religion things. Next there was 5 overseers that would run the day-to-day operations and could veto the lower class votes. Then there is a council which has 28 men over 60 then the two kings that support the law. Then finally there is a assembly which consists of men over 30 years old that can support of disagree with the council.

Some of the social class looks

Our allies are a Peloponnese League


Children are raised to be Spartans taught with almost nothing. They are only giving a cloak and not enough food to survive. But it teaches them to steal so they know what to do in times of need. All people were taught to respect the elderly. And Spartan mothers would say to there sons come back with your shield or on it.


Spartan food is mostly a broth that consists of port, blood, salt and vinegar. The men were not taught to like fancy foods.