i4L Family Newsletter

September 2021

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Message from the Principal

Hello i4Learning Families!

What an exciting first month of school we've had!

  • We had our first fire drill of the year. Drills can sometimes cause young kids stress or they can become anxious when thinking about possible emergency situations. As a staff we always reassure kids that drills allow us some practice time so if something did happen we would know just what to do. We also remind our students that every adult in our building has the number one job of keeping them safe.
  • Families that drop off children in the morning: please be sure you are staying with your child until our doors open at 8:40am. We do not offer supervision before that time.
  • A few weeks ago, you received a letter from me sharing the great news about our new music teacher! We still have a few aspects of our music year to work out including finding a long-term sub to work with our students until Ms. Pflum joins us. In addition, I am working with our music department to determine if or how we can have a holiday performance this year, with our current staffing situation. It is likely that if we have a performance, it will be virtual, similar to last year. I will keep you updated as we firm up ideas.
  • As we work through staffing our music position, you may wonder how we can keep any sort of consistency with our curriculum. We are fortunate that two years ago, our music department selected and purchased online music materials. These materials include videos, slides and activities that engage students in their music learning. These are the materials we have and will continue to use as often as we can, keeping continuity in the music content and methods our students are learning.

Thank you for all you do to support your child's education at home. If you ever have questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out! We want you to reach the school and person you are trying to contact at i4L quickly and efficiently. Please consider adding our school phone number to your phone contact list: 1-262-626-3103.

Upcoming Dates


9/30/2021 Mini Keys Run/Walk i4L students to FES in am


10/1/2021 PTO Cash Calendar Begins

10/8/2021 No School-Staff Professional Development Day

10/10/2021 Keys Run Walk

10/11/2021 PTO Meeting 6:00-7:00

10/14/2021 School Board Meeting 6:00

10/22/2021 Halloween Bash 6:00-7:30

10/26/2021 First Night of Parent Teacher Conferences

10/28/2021 Picture Retakes


  • We have been working on walking quietly in the hallway from the recess doors to lunch. Ask your child how their group has been doing on their Popcorn Party chart!
  • KEYS Walk/Run is coming up! Please consider registering for this fantastic event! https://runsignup.com/Race/WI/Kewaskum/KEYS5K

Pictures Around the Building

Student Services Updates

A Message From Our School Psychologist:

Hello! My name is Steve Erdmann and I am the new School Psychologist at Farmington Elementary/i4 Learning Community School. I am excited to work with and learn from all of our families and students. Much of my work here at the school is related to special education services and evaluations. I encourage all families to visit https://dpi.wi.gov/sped to find general information about special education services, and ways in which the school can assist families and students. If you have further questions or concerns regarding special education services, feel free to contact me at 262-626-3103 or serdmann@kewaskumschools.org.

A Message From Our School Counselor:

Classroom Guidance is underway! We are starting the year off with a review on emotional regulation. "Zones" is what we call it at I4L and I bet your children could tell you all about it. Here are some of the skills taught during The Zones of Regulation:

* Identifying your emotions by categorizing feelings into four zones (blue, green, yellow and red)

*Self-Regulation: Achieving the preferred state of alertness (zone) for a situation. This is all about regulating your body and emotional regulation.

*Identifying triggers: Learning what makes you feel angry, worried, upset, etc.

*Coping strategies: Various techniques and strategies that help achieve emotional regulation and manage strong emotions.

*Size of the problem: Introduces the idea that the size of your reaction should match the size of your problem, how to identify the size of your problem, and strategies for problem solving.

*Expected behavior vs. unexpected behavior: This covers perspective taking and how your behavior affects the thoughts and feelings of the people around you.

Stay tuned for an upcoming parent presentation so you can learn more.


Ms. Mundigler-Hemauer

School Counselor