IB Program

Is It Really Worth It?

Should schools integrate the IB program?

The IB program makes lots of promises about the academic level that the students will achieve when integrated to their program. Some of the facts that many reviews and stats about the IB program, state the contrary. We could state some of the positive and negative things that you may find when in the IB program.


  • A lot of work to prepare for college.
  • Get to learn more things around the world.
  • Nothing but a lot of work.
  • IB classes has a max of 5.0 for GPA.
(There aren't many positive things for IB)


  • Not many people graduate with the IB diploma.
  • Rarely anytime to do things such as community service and etc.
  • Too much unnecessary work.
  • The IB diploma graduation rate is low.
  • Many people believe that it's a waste of time.
  • Not all universities accept IB credit.
  • When graduating from high school you are only an IB candidate.
  • You don't get the IB diploma right away.

Not A Good Idea

Having the IB program is basically setting a lot of people to fail. There will be some people that can pass the IB program, but those are the rare successful people. Even though they are many successful people in the world, not many had to go through the IB program. It does sound good to have the IB program on your resume, but it just isn't really required to. I honestly believe we don't need IB.

Other Option

AP Program

Another option to the IB program may be the AP classes. Students who are integrated into AP, achieve higher grades and are mostly less stressed about their classes in a huge overall.