Looking For Alaska

By: John Green

Report By: Isabelle Vanderneck

Miles Halter has no friends, and his idea of a fun time is reading famous people's last words. After years of being alone, he decides to go seek the "Great Perhaps" by transferring to his father's old boarding school, Culver Creek. Once he meets his roommate, who calls himself The Colonel, an extraordinary adventure begins. He meets The Colonel's friend Alaska, a drop dead gorgeous girl who has more problems then one can count, and Takumi, a transfer student from China who is also the best rapper in the county. They go on risky adventures, pull off marvelous pranks, write papers for their strict religions class teacher, and have a smashing good time. That is, until one night when everything changes.

Genre is Fiction

Did I Enjoy this Book

From action and romance to various religious views and the ominous question of what happens after we die; this book covers it all. I absolutely loved it. The authors writing style was also successful in keeping you intrigued in every page.

Reoccurring Symbols

A symbol that kept reoccurring in this book was the phrase, How will I ever get out of this labyrinth. It is the last words of Alaska's favorite book, and over time you realize the labyrinth is another word for suffering. Time after time Alaska suffers with one thing or another, whether it is not being close to her boyfriend, having trouble in school, or her father blaming her for past events. In truth we all suffer constantly. The question this author portrays in this book is, "How will you get out of your labyrinth of suffering?"

Ending Satisfactory

I really appreciated the ending, it summed up the main question that arose during the book. It didn't have your typical happy ending, which I always love, but it still was very satisfactory.

Recommend this Book

I would most defiantly recommend this book. It really makes you view life in an different aspect and makes you think. If you are looking for a more challenging, but excellent book, you should read Looking For Alaska.