He is the one

Why vote for him?

He is a Democratic republican!

Why I believe we should.

I would support France because we just got out of war with Britian. We did have a war with France, but that was pretty long ago and we made up. Also they helped us when times were hard and in the Revolution. Thomas Jefferson believes this too. Again he is a Democratic Republican!

People supporting Thomas Jefferson

This vote could change generations!!!!

Other reasons I think we should vote for him

He belives we should not have a strong military.

I think we should not either because it could cause Marshall law if we rebell.

Jefferson Believes

He believes we should not have a strong National Government because Marshal law could start up and make violent protests, riots, uproars and massacres making the U.S.a third world country.


We need someone for President that is very knowledgable, trustworthy, loyal and determined to make the U.S. a better nation.
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