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Scarborough's Summary

Hello All! Happy Friday! Just a note that I am monitoring teacher attendance closely (especially Friday absences).

Safety is key! The county has added a new call in system to the front door. Parents will buzz in to enter the building. Also, we have some parents coming in the side door before 7:30 am. The door is open for teachers. Please make sure if you see a parent, you direct them to the front office doors. Also, if you see a student being dropped off before 7:30 am please ask the parent to wait and don't allow them to enter the building. We must work together on this! Thank you!

Kudos Korner from the Admin Team

Kudos to the following teachers who set up their grade books properly- Way to go!

Amanda Clark

Megan Davis

Brittany King

Brittany Norris

Thank you 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th grade teachers for your flexibility and hard work during online testing. You guys rock and it's clear that you are using eCLASS with your students!

Thank you Vikki for working hard to ensure that teachers have all the materials they need. Gre appreciates your initiative and hard work!

Media Center News

Great News! The retail store, dd's, sponsored a fundraiser for our school library and raised over 1500 dollars. The books have been ordered, so expect to see lots of new fiction and nonfiction with STEM, social studies and literature connections and some new additions to our Spanish collection. Here are a few of the titles you may want to look for in the the coming weeks to support your teaching:

  • Juan Bobo Goes to Work: A Puerto Rican Folk Tale
  • Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11
  • The Elephant's Friend and Other Tales from Ancient India
  • Electricity (DK Eyewitness Books Series)
  • Jasper's Story: Saving Moon Bears
  • How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?
  • Just a Minute!: A Trickster Tale and Counting Book
  • All the Way to America: The Story of a Big Italian Family and a Little Shovel
  • I, Too, Am America
  • My Name is Truth: The Life of Sojourner Truth
  • Pop!: The Invention of Bubble Gum
  • Seeds of Freedom: The Peaceful Integration of Huntsville, Alabama
  • Sonia Sotomayor: A Judge Grows in the Bronx / La juez que crecio en el Bronx (Bilingual, English/Spanish)
  • Papa's Mechanical Fish
  • Water Is Water: A Book About the Water Cycle
  • Wow! I Didn't Know That: Surprising Facts About the Human Body
  • Rosie Revere, Engineer
  • Arctic Adventures: Tales from the Lives of Inuit Artists
  • Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes
  • Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money

This is just a sample of what we are getting. The order include 97 titles and over 313 books!

Counselors' Corner

Great Days of Service is a county-wide food and toiletry drive supporting seven Gwinnett food banks. We will be collecting toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes and canned goods.

October 19-2I

I've discovered a problem in our recent Critical Attendance Report. Please check your roster to make sure you have everyone accounted for. If you have anyone on your roster and they haven't stepped foot in you classroom, please let me know. Several children have been marked as absent when actually they've been in school. I will be sending an email of students with questionable absences. Please get back with me asap. Thanks

Custodian Closet

After your students pour liquids into your classroom sink, please have them rinse and let the water run for a while to prevent a clog in your pipes.

Remember to have your students stack their chair daily, it help my staff do the vacuuming and carpet cleaning.

If you notice any snags in your classroom carpet. please trim the yarn fiber as close as you can to the floor to prevent it from unraveling any further.

Technology Tips

Charli Sanders & Kim Freidel have been Caught Clicking! Stop by Adrienne's office for a surprise!

I would also like to commend Terilyn Smith, Jennifer Cailor, Katie Ruhl, Katherine Crownover, Megan Davis, Tonia Johnson, Stephanie Smith, Christine Hallick, Sabrena Hawkins, Christina Encarnacion, Charli Sanders, Andrena Hicks, and Tameika Hairston for attending the Ya'll come Session on Wednesday. They were enthusiastic learners and left with tools to get their kids clicking.

Coaches' corner


Please remember to use CURRENT AKS standards on your lesson plans, pacing guides and deconstruction templates. Gwinnett County uses Academic Knowledge and Skills standards only. This information can be found in your Analyzing the Standards book, Literacy Online Communication Center (LOCC), and AKS 2015-2016 icon (found on the portal home page).

We really enjoyed seeing the Architecture of a Mini-Lesson modeled by our FABULOUS teachers from the District Learning Cohort!

A million THANKS and KUDOS to:

Jennifer Cailor and Katie Ruhl- K

Simone Simmons- 1st

Gena Cornelius- 2nd

Akila Young- 3rd

Nichole Berry- 4th

Donnica Martin- 5th

Parent Connection

Please support and join the Rockbridge PTA!

Membership is $5.00! You can hand your membership forms and payments into the Parent Center

Thank you for your hard work collecting Title I documents.

Please continue to collect these documents and hand all signature pages and yellow folders into the Parent Center if you have not done so already.

Thank you! Thank you!

Calendar of Events

10/12 8:30 am meet for United Way quick kick off- cafe

10/12 1pm New Teacher Network grade finalization Lab A

10/12 Grades Finalized by noon

10/12- Teacher Planning Day

10/14- AP county meeting

10/16- ITBS Testing meeting

10/16 Report Card go home

10/19- ITBS Testing begins

10/21- Mr. Hunter visits

10/21- Parent Teacher Teams Night

10/22- Parent Teacher Teams Night

10/23- New Teachers! Imagine Learning Training (during planning) All teachers welcome!

10/26- Rockbridge Learning Cohort Session #2

10/29- Lady Mustangs Skate Night