Javier Fuentes

the facts about stress

My thoughts on stress

i feel like it is important to be stress free because it is good to have healthy person without worrying about the other stuff. A long term goal i have for myself is to accomplish everything i want to do or be later on when i am a adult. One of my favorite quote is from Anthony Davis "when people talk about the greatest ever, i want to be in that conversation. I'm nowhere close to it..but its where i want to go".

table of contents

  • chapter 1 stressors
  • chapter 2 take care of myself
  • chapter 3 learn to relax
  • chapter 4 change my attitude
  • chapter 5 manage my time
  • chapter 6 laughter

chapter 1 stressors

i have many things that stress me out such as

  1. school
  2. family
  3. times
  4. sports and becoming a better athlete
  5. social life