6th Grade Technology

By: Aubrey Nichols

Typing Web

*You have to finish intermediate by the end of the semester.

*My typing has improved a lot sense 5th grade.

*I have 5 minutes every class period.


*You make an I Trailer about you.

*The I Trailer is really fun to make.

*We had 2 weeks to make the movie.

Haiku Deck

*In Haiku Deck we make a presentation.

*We told the class our dream jobs.

*Our class mate presented their jobs to us and collage ideas.

Explain Everything

*We pick out a math problem.

*Everyone records their selves doing the math problem.

*You have to type the problem.

Career Locker

*Mrs. VandenBoogaard came in and taught us about Career Lockers

*We learned more about job openings.

*I got to explore my dream job.


*We were graded by how many lessons we were able to get done.

*I got to play mind craft by creating houses and planting gardens.

*Coding is a fun way to explore angles and degrees.