Learn about the fight to take back the holy land.

When did the crusades take place?

The first of many crusades started 1096 and ended in 1291. The number of major crusades that took place during that time is debated heavily. Some say there were eight crusades while other historians say there are seven.

What were the crusades about?

The first crusade was about the armies of Christians from Western Europe and their quest to take back the holy land. After they regained Jerusalem in the year 1099, the Muslims vowed to take back the holy land. After a couple crusades, the idea behind the crusades started to change. During the third crusade, most crusaders were excommunicated after the Siege of Constantinople.

Most important people involved in the crusades

Why were the crusades important?

The crusades helped spread Christianity, expanded the territories of many European countries, increased trade, and spread knowledge. It also dramatically increased the wealth and power of the Roman Catholic Church. These outcomes can be seen in today's society.