The Suitcase

An iSmart Product

A Brief Introduction

The Suitcase is a suitcase like no other. It will change the way people travel and it is made of the lightest fabric in the world! Graphene aerogel, it's transparent and a cubic meter weighs 160 grams!

Introducing, The Suitcase!

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How Will A Suitcase Impact the World?

Well we're glad you asked! Have you ever wanted to pack lots of things but your mom protests? Have you ever packed so much stuff that you can't even carry your suitcase? The problem is that the average suitcase weighs 10 pounds without everything in it!

If you are one of those heavy packers, you need our suitcase. Without everything in it, the weight of a regular suitcase would be approximately 180 grams. Now you can pack all you want without a struggle. The Suitcase is the ideal suitcase to bring on trips.

The Suitcase also has plenty of space inside, so bring on the stuffed animals, cosmetics, and whatever else you can't possibly live without!

One more reason, are you ever at the airport and they charge you a certain amount of money for every pound your suitcase weighs? With the TenCate Millenia, our suitcase will decrease the amount of money you have to pay. Now doesn't that make everybody happier?


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Team Members

Yongxin Cao

Barbara Chiu

Hannah Devenney

Aiman Hakim

Trinity Lwin