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Enjoy time with your friends while on a budget!

You have a budget? No worries. Helpful tips on how to enjoy time with your friends while saving your wallet!
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10 at home activities for you and your friends!

Take a look inside our at home activities to provide the best of times for you and your company!
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10 At Home Activities

  1. Movies in!

Instead of going to the movies with a friend pick one you own, and watch it in. It will give you a sence of comfort and you can talk throughout the movie with your friend.

  1. Girls Night In!

Spend time at the home of a friend reminicing and talking about current situation going on in each others lives. Catch up.

  1. Rent Movies

Renting movies will save you the admission for a movie and give you the comfort of your own home!

  1. When going out go for lunch or breakfast.

Most restaraunts charge more for dinner meals than any other meals of the day, so when going out for food with a friend go during mid-day or morning rather than the evening.

  1. Take ADVANTAGE of kids eat free nights!

If you have children you know they can be rather expensive. Make sure you take advantage of kids eat free nights saving yourself and your wallet.

  1. Eat the veggies out of your garden

When planning meals on a budget grow your own vegatables. Growing a garden of your own can save lots of money.

  1. Have everyone bring something

When hosting gatherings, have each guest bring something to add to the variety, it'll make the quantity greater and the variety wider!

  1. Go for picnics

You and your friends may want to go out and a picnic (in the right weather) can be fun and relaxing.

  1. Have themed gatherings

Save on themed items and make it easier on the guests if you ask them to bring food items.

  1. Know how many people are attending

Knowing the amount of people can give you an estimate on an amount and on a price.