How to Tell a POWERFUL Story

An Intro. to Digital Storytelling with Little Bird Tales

Why digital storytelling?

Children use digital story telling as a way to tell stories in a new way. Digital story telling encourages:

  • creativity
  • higher level thinking
  • collaboration

Digital storytelling also leads to:

  • Better student understanding of subject area knowledge
  • Overall improvement in writing, technical and presentation skills
  • Development of research skills
  • Overall improvement of academic performance

"With more opportunities and greater ease in sending their work out into the world, the quality of the ideas and the effectiveness of the communication media will become more important and more relevant to students" . (National Council of Teachers of English)

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Little Bird Tales is a wonderful tool that can be used by educators and students alike to create tales to enhance classroom instruction, student engagement and learning. Little Bird Tales is easy to use for even our youngest learners and allows educators and students to have a safe, add free, interactive experience. Children can listen to verbal instructions as well as create their own voice recordings and/or response. They can draw using tools on the site, upload original images or even write using the keyboard. Little Bird Tales also allows students to easily publish their creations and share them safely and easily with others outside of the classroom. A relatively new feature for teachers is a database of ready-made lessons that can be used to enhance classroom instruction and delivery of content. Basic story functions of Little Bird Tales are free, however, premium features do require a yearly subscription.

What are we going to learn today?

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Lets get started! Little Bird Tales can be found at

If you forgot some of the features we covered today, you can view this special tale that will review it all!

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Wait! I don't remember!

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