Nicholas Rushmore

saddle maker

My job as a colonial saddle maker

I'm Nicholas Rushmore. I am a saddle maker. And I am related to Timothy Rushmore.

I live in a log cabbin. I have 2 kids that also help me make saddles. I am 40 years old. I've been making saddles for 30 years. Here is how I make saddles like I have said earlier.

I make different saddles for horses. I also make whips and saddle bags. I also make trunks and water buckets and fire hoses. I also make side saddles for girls and hunt saddles for boys. . . We need saddles because when we are riding on a horse you can fall off of it.In winter people go in a sled and let a horse drag the sled to move through the snow. Remember 2 horses dragging the sled is a pong one horse dragging the sled is a ping. Here is the tools I use to make saddles. A saddle maker always has the right tools to make saddles. The tools I use are thread awls and knives and dividers to cut leather. Those are the tools I use to make saddles for people. Remember every tool has a purpose for making saddles. In conclusion those are the things you should know about making saddles.