Pomeranian puppy

Small and cute

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They could be in big houses with big yard and a good tidy garden because they are really playful and need to play. They need a human with them and the Pomeranian puppy need heaps on attention.


They need soft and small food . They don't have a special for , as long as its small and soft they will eat it . Remember. That they are small so don't give them big and chunky food. They also need fresh clean water to drink.


The nickname for Pomeranian is pom. The dog is small and fluffy with a cute little small face.the Pomeranians coat is straight and long with fluffed under coat which makes it look like a fluffed ball. The coat come in a variety of colours including white, black, brown, and can be blue. It has dark round eyes. It's ears are pointy and small.

Interesting facts

They live up to 15 years

They are extremely intelligent

They have big personalities which makes them fun to own

They are extremely playful and loyal

They are all small and harmless

Another of the interesting facts about Pomeranians is that their tail is fluffy and long for a reason. It’s used to keep their nose warm while they sleep.

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