Water Skiing

By:Trevor Jenquin

Water skiing

About two weeks ago on Wednesday at six o'clock me and my family want to a ski show. We went there for fun and to watch them water ski. How we got there me and my family drove the from are campers in Good Men. It was about 45 minutes away from are campers. How we were waching was people in Good Men I don't really now any of them but the show was still good and me and my family went to another one. They did really cool tricks of jumps and they were state champion this year.

The science of it

It was a sunny day and me and my family went to a water ski show. The g force made the people how were water skiing to stay up. Also the gravity made them go down when they went of the jump. On the way there me and my family were listening to music and the music was sent by sound waves. How fast the boat went they would stay up. It was a great show they had. The speed from the boat mad the people stay up.

What I would like to now

What I want to now is how fast do they need to go to stand up when they water skiing. Anther thing I want to now is how fast are they going . How do they stay up on top of the water. What happens if the boat drivers go to fast or to slow. How do the go bar foot of the what're and how fast do they need to go.