Way's To Save!

Endangerd Animals

There are many ways to save endangered animals. By building a bird feeder for your back yard you will be feeding birds and therefore your feeding the birds in your back yard! You could join some organizations that help endangered animals or you could even make a donation or set up a fundraiser then give the profits to an organization.

Say No To Pet Shops!

Always adopt animals from animal rescues or shelters. Pet shops get there pets from puppy-mills or form breeders. When breeders breed the animals it over-populates the species. You could also adopt a pet of your own to help out, but remember that owning a pet is a big responsibility and if you don't take care of the animal it doesn't help them.

No polution!

Try not to leave your garbage just laying around especially if your by a beach. When plastic gets in the water some animals mistake it as food and could die because of it. Go to an aquarium with your family and friends so they can see the importance of wild life and they can see fish that might not be around if the water is polluted.

Be carful what you use!

Don't by a lot of furs or leather because that's an animals life that got taken away! Only purchase cruelty free products,that means they weren't tested on animals. If you want to take a big step become vegetarian! But if you love meat way to much, this might not be the best option for you.


Here is a video about some extincted animals.
Extinct Animals 20th Century!