AVID Fall Exam

Diala Qalawi, 1-11-2016


TRF"s stand for tutorial, reflection, form. TRF have helped me a lot over the past few months. I've better understood many things i didn't before. You are able to write about anything you're struggling with in school.


AVID has helped me keep my binder very organized. I am able to find everything i need in my binder. I can even find them with the date on my papers. AVID has helped me stay very organized and clean.
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Cornell Notes

Cornell notes are a different type of way to take notes. Although its a different type it helps me a lot. I am able to find what i need very easily with cornell notes and AVID. AVID gave me helps me with the tips they gave me.
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Community Service

AVID convinces us to go do community service to help people. At community service we would bring food to pack in boxes or we would recycle unwanted things we do lots of stuff at community service. We help many people when we go to do community service.
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Grade Tracker

AVID makes us do grade trackers, it's when you write what your grade is for all your classes then, write what you are missing and what you are able to do to make your grades better if it's failing. You are supposed to do one every week to turn in as a grade. The grade tracker helps me make sure I'm not failing any of my classes.
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Writing Skills

in AVID we do lots of writing, we have essays, quick writes, and many other things. These methods help you write better with grammar, vocabulary, AVID helps you write better.
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