Video games are good for you!

by: Kk Moe


Some video games can help you read better. There are teams that have separated children age 7 to 13 into two groups, one of which played an action game called "Rayman Raving Rabids" while the other played a lower tempo game. When the reading skills of the children were tested afterwards, those who played the action game were capable of reading faster and more accurately. The authors of the study hypothesized that the action games helps kids increase their attention spans, a skill considered crucial to reading.


According to some scientists and academics, video games can actually make you smarter. The strategic thinking and problem solving involved in video games makes them good learning machines. While there's no substitute for classroom learning, video games challenge and workout the brain in different ways. Here's how: Like me most of you I would rather play a video game than do our homework. But what we don’t know is that we are giving our brain a decent workout while exercising our thumbs on the joystick. Navigating our way through a mysterious virtual world, we must figure out the rules of the game and the goals that we need to achieve to complete the objective

scientist have said

US scientists have found that regular players of first and third person shooters, such as uncharted and call of duty, have much better visual skills than most of the population. The researchers have shown that gamers are particularly good at spotting details in busy and confusing scenes and could cope with more distractions than average. Researchers Shawn and Daphne got some keen gamers against people who never play video games in a series of psychological tests that measure basic visual skills .The tests demands of mental and visual agility.