Wildlife Forensic Scientist

By: Michelle Mayes

Job Description

Wildlife Forensic Scientist examine samples of animals that have been gathered as evidence. Many of the cases they deal with include poaching, animal abuse, oil spills, and bioterrorism.

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Level of School Required

You must have your bachelors of science, which is the minimum level required. Many other Wildlife Phorensic Scientist have their Masters or PhD.

Anual Salary

The average salary is about $51,570 a year. which averages out to be $24.79 an hour. Although this is the average some get paid more and some less. The annual salary can range anywhere from $32,900 to $82,990.

Where in the U.S Is this Job Available

You can be a Wildlife Phorensic Scientist basically anywhere in the Untied States. This job doesn't have an exact location.

Continuing Development

This is a recently discovered career so it is still developing and will continue to develop for years to come.

Interesting Facts

I find it Interesting that they can investigate parts of animals to find more about the situation and exactly what happened and when it happened. Thanks to the development of technology this is all possible now.

Other Information

They use things such as morphology to compare skulls, to determine weather or not the skull is legal. If the results come back and say the skull is not legal then the hunter will get their hunting licensee annulled.