My Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

The Real Mount Rushmore

There are four people that are carved into Mount Rushmore. Those people are all

former presidents. They are George Washington , Thomas Jefferson , Theodore

Roosevelt , and Abraham Lincoln . The mountain was designed by Gutzon Borglum . It

was finished in 1941 and is located near Keystone , South Dakota . If I could design

my own Mount Rushmore I would have my Dad , Tom Osborne , Johnny Manizel , and

my mom on it.

My Second Paragraph

If I could make my own Mount Rushmore the first person I would have on it would

be Tom Osborne . I picked him because he was a great football coach . He won 3

national championships . He was a Nebraska Congressman for six years . He finished

his career as an athletic Director for five years.

My Third Paragraph

I would also put my dad , Merle Wright on my Mount Rushmore . He grills really good

hamburgers . We eat hamburgers , or steak almost every Sunday . He also coaches my

baseball team . We got third place out of ten teams in the season.

My Fourth Paragraph

Another person I would put on my Mount Rushmore is my mom, Amy Wright my

mom cooks good food. She makes good pancakes. She makes great popcorn. She

puts just the right amount of popcorn salt.

My 5th Paragraph

The last person I would put on my Mount Rushmore is Johnny Manzeil. He won the

Heisman Trophy award.He plays for Texas A&M. He is the best rushing quarterback in

college football. He is really fast and quick.

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My Conclusion

In conclusion , these are the four people on my Mount Rushmore. I put my mom, dad

Johnny Manzeil , and Tom Osborne on my Mount Rushmore.They all deserve to be on

my Mount Rushmore.