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October 2022


The Sneaky World BEYOND Phishing Emails

This list from Wizer Training brings awareness to additional approaches to online scams. Watch the video or view the infographic to get additional details.

  1. Fake Business Listing on Google Maps
  2. Google Search Scams
  3. Fake Apps and the App Store
  4. Scam Ads
  5. QR Code Scams
  6. Deep Fake
  7. Dating and Romance Scams

The Sneaky World BEYOND Phishing Emails Infographic

The Sneaky World BEYOND Phishing Emails VIDEO

Digital Safety with Substitute Teachers

Cyber Security Question: How can building substitutes safely access digital materials?

Answer: Each district has a substitute school google account. Every Monday morning the weekly password is emailed to the building secretary. Building substitutes use that login to access digital resources they need access to. Please remember to always use caution when sharing information that is PII.(Personally Identifiable Information)

Preview Links

Chrome: Hover the curser over the link and look for the URL to appear, usually in the bottom left hand corner in black.

Safari: In the Safari app on your Mac, hold the pointer over a link. See the website URL in the status bar at the bottom of the window. If you don't see the status bar, choose View > Show Status Bar. If your trackpad supports it, force click the link to preview the content.

JCISD Emails

With the increase in phishing attacks we want you to be prepared to defend against the cyber criminals while still performing your job. Below are some of the ways to recognize a legitimate email from the Jackson Intermediate School District and the JCISD technology consortium(JCISD).

View JCISD & Technology Consortium Emails:

Introducing Your New Ed Tech Consultants

Your New Ed Tech Consultants

Updated Parent and Student Resources

New look for the parent and student resources page. All the links for various topics are now up and running.

Google Updates/Google Tips

Google Docs: Insert emojis inline with text

Building upon the recently announced emoji reaction feature, you can now express yourself in a new way by searching for and inserting emojis directly inline with your text in Google Docs.

  • Type “@:” or “:” to see a dropdown list of emojis and the option to navigate to the entire catalog of emojis

Insert emojis inline with text in Google Docs

Google Sites: New space feature

In addition to adjusting the spacing between content in Sites using a new density theme setting, you're now able to use spacers to add empty space to your Sites in specific places.

This feature provides more flexibility, especially when designing a vertical layout, and generally makes template and webpage design much easier.

Tech Tools & Resources


Every October, Google compiles search data on the most popular Halloween costumes. Use this website for a data assignment in your math, statistics, or computer application course.

Check out the free REMC Media Literacy Toolkit!

This toolkit is designed to introduce students to the process of finding, organizing, using, producing, evaluating, and distributing information in various media formats.


MiTechKids is great for K-5 teachers seeking tech integration activities. This resource has instructional activities with clear learning objectives, vocabulary, planning tools, implementation steps & assessment options. Don’t stress, click here:


  • News and Current Events: Follow emerging stories from around the globe.
  • Early Learning Channel: Jump start your young learner’s knowledge and skills.
  • Virtual Field Trips: Take your students beyond the classroom to some of the world's most iconic locations.
  • Health: Learn about wellness, the science of the human body, and more.
  • Audiobooks: Explore the full collection of Audiobooks—from classic children's stories and fairy tales, to science fiction and famous poetry.
  • STEM Careers: Learn about fascinating STEM careers through a variety of resources.
  • Earth to Luna: Follow Luna, her brother Jupiter, and pet ferret Clyde on real-life and imaginary science adventures.

If your teachers aren’t sure where to start, encourage them to browse by subject to find that just-right resource.

Interested in Speaking at the MACUL 2023 conference?

We would LOVE to see our Jackson/Hillsdale tech consortium staff present about the AMAZING things you are doing in your classroom!!! Please consider submitting a proposal.

Calling all 3-5th Grade Educators for CS Connections Pilot Opportunity! is recruiting 150 3rd-5th grade educators to pilot a new CS Connections (CSC) modules between mid-November 2022 and late January 2023. is looking for a range of teaching experience, especially educators who teach in a general education classroom and are new to teaching computer science.

Expectations for the pilot include:

  • Watch a 30-minute introductory video.
  • Teach 4-5 hours worth of lessons (choose between math, science, or ELA) between November 2022 and January 2023.
  • Fill out feedback forms and attend a debrief meeting.

All teachers who complete all expectations will receive a gift card. Fill out this interest form and we will get back to you by late October.

For questions, reach out to

PD Opportunities


Check out November 2022 courses here:

  • Applying Google Apps for Education in Chrome12:00 AM to 12:02 AM
  • Assessment Tools for the Classroom12:00 AM to 12:02 AM
  • Constructing Your Blended Learning Classroom12:00 AM to 12:02 AM
  • Game-based Learning to Build Student Understanding & Engagement12:00 AM to 12:02 AM
  • Learning to use Open Educational Resources on #GoOpen Michigan12:00 AM to 12:02 AM
  • Media Literacy: Fake or Real?12:00 AM to 12:02 AM
  • Preparing Professional Presentations12:00 AM to 12:02 AM
  • Storytelling to Enhance Teaching12:00 AM to 12:02 AM
  • Using SeeSaw to Inspire Learning12:00 AM to 12:02 AM
  • Using Virtual Reality in Education12:00 AM to 12:02 AM
  • Podcasting for Educators: Edu Podcasts4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Virtual Course registration:

CS for Michigan

CS for Michigan will be hosting two days of focused learning, networking and in-person tinkering on all things Computer Science. Registration and hotel details:

Location - Grand Rapids, MI

November 3-4, 2022

Mi Day of Discovery

Join your Michigan Discovery Education community of educators for a day of collaboration, new learning, and toolkits to take back to your district.

Space is limited so register today for one of the three dates below!

Monday, October 17 | Ann Arbor, MI
Tuesday, October 18 | Saginaw, MI
Thursday, October 20 | Shepherd, MI


CS Fundamentals Intro Workshop Series - Intro Workshop (Kdg-5th)

The MiSTEM Network is excited to announce a CS Fundamentals Introduction workshop series that will be held online. These high-quality computer science workshops will provide you with a curriculum guide, how to implement unplugged and computer-based computer science lessons, how to set up your classroom, and connect you with a community of educators. Each participant will also receive SCECHs & $150 stipend. For dates, times, and registration, click here.

2022 miGoogle Conference

The Michigan Google Education Summit is a two-day conference organized and run by Michigan educators, featuring unique applications of Google tools in the classroom – from Chromebooks to Google Drive, Jamboard, Maps, and more! miGoogle is not about devices or products, it’s about inspiring educators with the future so that they can engage and inspire their students to do great things.

Location: Pontiac, MI

Dates: November 10-11


JCISD Assistive Tech Weebly

Keep up with the latest ideas from our Assistive Technology Coordinator, Elisabeth Mills.

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