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Lets start with the funny. Pierce has started to climb up on the end tables. He finds this really funny. I am not amused. Ari has been obsessed with Batman. he loves to dress up like him, and play rough like him.

Soccer Season

Ari has started soccer and is very good. I got roped into coaching this year. Yay!!! I want to teach him structure, sportsmanship, cooperation, and to socialize him.

I really like my team and feel like they will have fun and do well. We have ages 3 - 5 and they are full of life and evergy!!

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Mom And Dad

School is going still for the both of us. We are getting closer to the final stretch. Allie will have her Masters in two related fields. Yay Allie!! I will be having my Bachelors in two semestors. I want to teach soon.