4th Hour, Science

Branch of Science and About The Job

About The Job-

Meteorologist study and explain the changes in atmospheric conditions. However, not all forecast the weather, but mainly this career study's the weather. Many meteorologist look at weather patterns and report them on a daily basis.

Physical and Earth

Physical: This job is part of the physical branch of science because weather has to do with matter, energy and gravity.

Earth: The career of meteorology has to do with this branch because it is the study of the solid earth, oceans and atmosphere.

School and College, Education Path

High School- Some helpful classes to take in high school would be Public Speaking, Physics, Geology and Calculus.

University of Madison. This university is in a urban setting, with a student ratio of 17:1. I would go to school here for at least four years in order to be a meteorologist. The average class size is about 29 students. The university even has 650 organized clubs and organizations on campus! The college was founded in 1848 and is over 1050 acres!

Academics- GPA: 3.69

ACT: Not listed

SAT: Not listed

Education Path- Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology Degree (4 Year Degree)



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If had to choose to be a meteorologist. I would love to study weather patterns, use the technology ,learn more about the atmosphere and of course be on T.V! However the cons would be if you predict the weather wrong, it could put others in danger. Also the hours may very for this career and work overtime during weather emergency's.

What Factors Affect Employment for this Job?

Something that affects this careers is the hours verys by working days and nights ( gernally work about 40 hours a week) and may have to work overtime during weather emgerices.