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Poor Sportsmanship

Ever heard of the flopping kid? If you have you may be thinking this kid is just talented and knows how to play in the NBA. I strongly disagree. Flopping is poor sportsmanship. You are cheating to gain an advantage to win c’mon man. That is the issue with poor sportsmanship. People will do whatever they can do to win, and that includes cheating and that is very bad sportsmanship. Other problems are people will get angry at others on the court and attempt to injure them, or they will argue with the ref because of a bad call. Come on people sports were made for fun why do we have to ruin them by being poor sports. Let the ref’s make their calls. We need to stop cheating play the game it is better that way. Also if we have bad sportsmanship people have been injured like the incident of Roger Clemens throwing a bat at Mike Piazza. If we keep having bad sportsmanship people could be mentally hurt by rude comments and possibly quit the game. Also you could hurt yourself. On the website Family Education is says that anger and disappointment can lead to depression if that is how you deal with problems and being a bad sport. When you have bad sportsmanship almost everyone is affected. You may get ejected from the game. Your teammates, fans, coach, and opposing team will no longer think high of you and could put yourself in danger. There are many ways to solve these problems. One way is to teach kids good sportsmanship when they are young and just starting the game. On the website Global Post it says that you could set goals for good sportsmanship and focus on improvement not winning. It also said to clap for the other team when they do something good instead of cheating. Sportsmanship is a big problem in sports and is leading to bad things. Remember to always respect everyone on the field and just play the game.

Positive Reinforcement Brainstorm

By having good sportsmanship you will be a better and more respected player.

Negative Reinforcement Brainstorm

If you have bad sportsmanship then you will be kicked out of the game and you won’t be able to play.