7/8 News from the Core September 29, 2015

School News

There will be a Middle School HOEDOWN on October 14th from 6:00-8:00.

FALL BREAK (no school for students) is October 15th and October 16th.

ESchool Help- please contact Conner Dohse at

Please remind your student to meet with their teachers upon return after an absence, including school field trips. We want to keep our students all up to date.

Ms. Welch, Math,

Attention all parents, VARIABLES ARE COMING!!! All math classes are set to start working with variables through expressions, equations, inequalities and more. Different math classes will be working with variables in different quantities and in different ways,but you can all expect to see x's and y's in your student's future. Don't forget that tutoring is offered each day from 3:00-3:30 in my classroom.

Ms. Cerna, English Language Arts

In Pre AP Language Arts, we have progressed from reading our All Class books into analyzing the writer's use of tone and mood and writing essays that capture our reactions to our reading. Sections 8-1 and 8-3 continue to work through the book Inkheart. We have discovered that the human voice is a powerful tool when a talented reader decides to read out loud. Sections 7-2 and 7-3 are reading Heidi and learning about the countries, mountains, bodies of water, religions, and cities in Europe.

Tracking My Reading for Quarter I is due on October 5. Please remind your child to turn in his/her TMR folder and his/her Reader's Notebook.

On Friday of this week, all of 7th grade will receive an updated TMR list for Quarters II, III, and IV. 8th grade students will receive their updated lists and explanations on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. As I mentioned during Parent Meetings on September 18, there is a scaled down version of TMR going forward after the first quarter. This new version is meant to involve parents and students in the process for completing Tracking My Reading. Along with the list sheets, students will receive a typed explanation of how the new version will work. Please look for these papers on Friday of this week.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact me through Remind, Class Messenger, or Have a wonderful week.

Ms. Jarrett, Social Studies,

7th Grade students are taking open ISN quizzes Wednesday and Thursday over map reading terminology and skills. Next, we begin our journey into continents which will focus on North America (Canada). Students have expressed interest in studying the various cultures of the countries we visit by sharing food from that region. More to come on this venture! Also, students will participate in an interactive Map Lab over North America that will be completed using our IPads.

8th Grade students are finishing the study of President Monroe and the Monroe Doctrine, as well as art, music, and literature from the period. Then, they will begin a project which will demonstrate knowledge of one of the first five presidents and his policies by creating a dramatic, historically accurate dialogue from the time period, as well as finding sources and citing them to provide evidence. We are discussing National History Day and finding the right topic to match this year's theme: Exploration, Encounter and Exchange.

Ms. Walker, Science,

7th grade is working to complete a hands-on inquiry lab to gain a better understanding of forces, motion, and Newton's Laws. The hands-on lab uses equipment and scenarios to help students connect these science concepts to real life.

8th grade finished their plate tectonics slide shows and will present them this week.

I would like to use Scholastic's Science World in my classroom. It offers fabulous articles and current science events that will aid greatly in the classroom.

If I can get donations to purchase just 10 paper copies per month (the minimum Scholastic will allow), the class will have access to digital copies on their iPads. Each paper subscription is $10. If you can help with that in any way, email me at