Week Ahead

Jan 18-22, 2016

Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger.

Based on the quote above, after the week we just had, we must definitely be stronger :)) Although there were some challenging moments, some amazing things happened: some great math thinking on problem solving Tuesday, Skyping with a class in Texas, little ukele players, leadership between oldest and youngest students... and so much more!

As I said last week- don't doubt that everything you do for your students does make a difference! And, we'll start fresh on Monday:).

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This Week:

Mon. Jan 18 Day 2- Staff Meeting, 3:30 in Stephanie's room;

Heather Giffen in Diane's room;

Diane and Sarah at CI in the morning.

Tues. Jan 19 Day 3- Karen away at VP meeting, mentor meeting;

Mend in Pete's room, a.m.;

Heather in Diane's class

Wed. Jan 20 Day 4- IPRC meeting, 8:15;

Chad at P meeting;

Jackie Perry (OPP Kids) in Pete's class

Thurs. Jan 21 Day 5 -IPRC meeting, 8:15;

Sarah's class to Gould Lake;

Karen away p.m. (math PD)

Heather in Diane's class;

Fri Jan 22 Day 1- Karen and Chad, case conference, 10:00 @ Tamworth; 11:00 @ EPS

Coming Up:

Jan 25- Literacy Week;

School team meeting, 8:15

Articulation block begins;

Jan 26- Karen and Sarah away at math PD

Jan 27- Family Literacy Day;

milkshake day;

Karen at SST meeting- morning

Jan 28- Diane at reading PD


Feb 4- PA Day

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